new laws and JUUL lawsuits aim to reduce teen vaping

Canadian Lawmakers Crack Down on Youth Vaping

Most flavoured JUUL pods are no longer available for sale in stores or online in the United States. In Canada, fruity pods remain widely available – but their days may be numbered.

Vaping among Canadian youth rose 74 per cent between 2017 and 2018; today, an estimated one in four high school students vapes. Health experts believe flavoured vaping liquids, including those contained in JUUL pods, have contributed to the problem. According to a recent survey conducted by Smoke Free Nova Scotia, 95 per cent of youth vapers prefer flavoured liquids, and 48 per cent suggested they would quit vaping if the flavours were banned. Stats like these reinforce allegations that JUUL targeted and appealed to youth, a key point in our JUUL lawsuit.

Nova Scotia became the first province in Canada to approve a ban on all flavoured e-cigarettes and e-liquids this month; the ban will come into effect in April 2020. The province will also launch an anti-vaping public education campaign next year.

“This is about reducing the [youth vaping] rates,” said Health Minister Randy Delorey, according to CBC Nova Scotia. “What we’ve seen in the last couple of years since e-cigarettes have become widely available in Canada and indeed throughout much of North American is a rapidly growing rate, in particular youth vaping.”

The Province of British Columbia has also decided to crack down on youth vaping. Last month, it approved a plan to limit the availability of certain flavours, cap the amount of nicotine that can be included in pods, and introduce an industry-specific tax on vaping products.

Ontario, too, is considering a crackdown on flavoured pods.

“We do know there is more to be done so we are taking a look at the flavoured vapes,” said Health Minister Christine Elliott, according to CBC News Toronto. “We are looking at nicotine content in vapes. We are looking at where vaping products should be sold … We will be taking more steps, absolutely.”

Flavoured pods are central to allegations in our JUUL lawsuit and similar claims that Juul Labs targeted young users in its advertising and product design. By creating flavours that appeal to young people, JUUL has directly contributed to a nicotine-addiction epidemic among North American youth. If you use or have used JUUL, fill out the form on our homepage for a confidential free case review. You could be entitled to compensation.