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If You’ve Used JUUL, You Could be Entitled to Financial Compensation

North America is in the midst of a vaping epidemic, and young people are affected more than most. Roughly 37 per cent of 12th graders vaped in 2018 in the United States, up from 28 per cent in 2017 (NIH News in Health). In Canada, vaping rates among 16- to 19-year-olds increased 74 per cent in that time, from 8.4 per cent to 14.6 per cent (Canadian Cancer Society).

At the heart of the epidemic is JUUL, a popular e-cigarette that currently holds around 75 per cent of the US market and 78 per cent of the Canadian market. Juul Labs, the company behind the product, was valued at $24 billion in October, and has been valued as high as $38 billion in the past two years. In early 2019, the company forecasted revenues of $3.4 billion for the year.

Juul Labs has marketed its hugely successful vaping product as a safer alternative to cigarettes and a tool to help tobacco smokers quit. However, the company has been accused of causing a wave of nicotine addiction among non-smokers; targeting young people with suggestive and deceptive advertising; failing to provide ample warnings about potential health risks; and a slew of other wrongs. JUUL is actively contributing to an unhealthier future in North America – and we are committed to holding them responsible.

If you use JUUL or have used JUUL in the past, sign up today to join our JUUL lawsuit. Clients who have experienced physical, emotional, or behavioral symptoms associated with JUUL use could have access to financial compensation. This lawsuit is open to clients in the United States and Canada. American clients will be represented by Domnick, Cunningham & Whalen of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and Canadians will be represented by Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers of Toronto, Ontario.

JUULing can cause nicotine addiction and could be responsible for a range of serious health issues. It has also been deceptively marketed, including to young people and non-smokers. Don’t let JUUL operate with impunity – make you voice heard and sign up for a confidential free case review at

Image credit: Mylesclark96/Wikimedia Commons