flavoured pods linked to juul lawsuit

Ontario Moves to Ban Flavoured Pods, Cap Nicotine Concentration

In a move that has won support from health experts and anti-smoking activists across the province, the Government of Ontario announced plans last week to ban convenience stores and gas stations from selling most flavoured e-cigarette pods. It also plans to cap nicotine concentrations available in pods at those locations.

Playful flavoured pods and high nicotine levels in e-cigarettes are under intense scrutiny in North America. Our JUUL lawsuit alleges that JUUL’s youth-focused advertising, combined with flavours like fruit, cucumber, and mango, contributed to a nicotine addiction crisis in the United States and Canada.

The province’s proposed regulations won’t apply to specialty, adult-only vaping shops where proof of age is required to make a purchase. Some industry spokespeople have praised this aspect of the law, saying that fewer flavours in convenience stores will restrict access to youth without limiting options for adult smokers who want to transition away from tobacco.

However, there are concerns that young people will find a way to access their favourite flavoured pods. Last year, Health Canada reported an “unacceptable” level of noncompliance with federal vaping laws at specialty vape shops across the country. According to the Globe and Mail, the department submitted a letter to retailers claiming that more than 80 per cent of vape shops sold or promoted vaping products illegally. Promoting products to young people was one of the most commons infractions.

With that in mind, some experts are calling for even harsher laws.

“What Ontario’s doing could be further strengthened with comprehensive restrictions on flavours for all stores, as well as nicotine levels,” Rob Cunningham, senior policy analyst for the Canadian Cancer Society, told the Globe.

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Image credit: David Whelan/Wikimedia Commons